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With the rise of many business firms in weighing industry, Schalen stands uniquely distinctive providing superior quality scales, outstanding after-sales services and extensive functional and technical supports. To exceed the expectations and achieve utmost satisfaction of our every client is our paramount goal. Comprised of young associates adept in weighing operations, we assure our clients to have optimum production efficiency and doubled functionality.

Schalen embraces CPS principle. C is first-rate customer relations. The firm not only centers its interest on doing business but it involves itself on every stage- assessing production requirements, installing units, technical trainings for end-users, calibration, trouble-shooting, repairs and standard check-ups thereby fulfilling more than satisfactory performance in promoting good supplier-customer relationships. 

P is quality products. Having its advanced technological products from high-end to low-end, big to small size, large to small capacity, simple to complex operations, mechanical to digital, everything comes in quality branded packages with certified user-friendly pursuit all at a considerable price, Schalen gives the widest selection of scales the customer requires. S is excellent service. As a time-oriented firm, we value quick and accurate response to client demands, serving the right quality and quantity of products at all times in precise schedule. 

The key persons’ expertise, all along with the firm’s goals, facilities, products and services are incontestable guarantee for clients to put more than just their confidence on us. Our present and future clients alike are yet to claim that they made an ideal SCHALEN choice.

Schalen can help you in your weighing requirements. We offer all kinds of Mechanical and Digital scales such as Pocket Scale, Analytical Balance, High Precision Balance, Kitchen Scale, Table Top Scale, Counting Scale, Waterproof Scale, All Stainless Steel Table Scale, Price Computing Scale, Label Printing Scale, Bench Scale, Platform Scale, Check weigher, Floor Scale, Wash Down Platform Scale, Hog Scale, Hanging Scale, Crane Scale, Heavy Duty Crane Scale, Moisture Analyzer, Load Cells, Indicator, Test Weights and services; Calibration, Repair, Preventive Maintenance.

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